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OTPR offers a variety of opportunities for training that fit our clients’ lifestyles and we can help you determine which is best for you and your dog. Whether you prefer Stay and Train, Group Classes, Private Lessons, or have a specific training need, we have a program for you. 

At OTPR, we believe that dogs (like people) are best able to learn and develop if provided consistent, balanced teaching methods free of fear. With our training approach, dogs develop a love of learning. At all times, your dog’s safety, well-being, and overall happiness are top priority.


Dog Training, Dog Training Springfield, VA, Dog Training North Bethesda, MD, Dog Training Sterling, VA
Dog Training, Dog Training Springfield, VA, Dog Training North Bethesda, MD, Dog Training Sterling, VA
Dog Training, Dog Training Springfield, VA, Dog Training North Bethesda, MD, Dog Training Sterling, VA
dog training, dog training springfield, va, dog training sterling, va, dog training north bethesda, md

In our Puppy Preschool course, you will be a proud puppy parent, knowing that you have well provided for many of
your puppy’s first learning experiences. In this class your
pup easily learns his/her basic obedience skills: Sit, Down, Stay, Walk on the Leash, Come, Place and Leave It. We provide practice exercises to proactively mange typical puppy behaviors like nipping, chewing, barking and jumping. In this educational and engaging class series, your puppy will be positively exposed to a range of kinesthetic experiences, and learn of the many ways to socialize your pup!

8 Weeks, 1 hour/week, $290 (puppies 2 – 6 months)

Learn to build your dogs obedience behaviors from the ground
up with our Introduction to Obedience group class. Your training specialist will teach you and your dog foundation obedience
skills: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Place, Down, Place and Leave It tasks. This educational class will also teach you and your dog to learn about a variety of training and handling techniques to acquire a solid set of canine obedience skills and practices.

6 Weeks, 1 hour/week, $250

Refining your dog’s ability to focus and respond to your obedience cues is trainable! In this class we will train, practice and proof your dog’s obedience skills with increasing distractions, distances and durations. This class provides the opportunity to build your dog’s focus on you and build ‘working’ obedience skills. Dogs in

this class obtain the well-earned benefits of methodical training, development of a ‘mature’ canine attention span, and achieving higher task accountability, reliability… and proud parents!

6 Weeks, 1 hour/week, $250 . (Prerequisite, Introduction to Obedience or instructor’s permission.)

In our Introductory Agility class, owners and their dog’s learn how to get started with Agility. Owner/canine ‘teams’ learn foundational and handling skills that allow introduction to Agility obstacles with your dog. Agility training is an active and engaging way to build your dog’s focus on you and your directional cues. Your dog will learn to think on his/her paws as he/she learns to travel on, through, over and around Agility obstacles. This is a fun and rewarding activity for both owners and dogs.

Six Weeks, 1 hour/week, $250 . (Prerequisite: Puppy Preschool, CGC or Intro. Obedience.)

Our Intermediate Agility course is a direct extension
of Introductory Agility. Your training specialist will teach you
and your dog to improve your teamwork skills. This class will help
to refine your partnership by learning to refine your directional cues, positioning and practices as you have fun on the Agility field. Develop your dog’s ability to navigate challenging obstacles by building sequences and polishing your combined skills.

Six Weeks, 1 hour/week, $250 .  (Prerequisite: Intro. to Agility or Instructor’s permission.)

The AKC/CGC class is an excellent way to strengthen the existing bond you have with your dog as you learn
and train as a team. This eight-week course is designed to integrate basic obedience skills with practical everyday canine skills to develop a balanced, cooperative, family dog. Your dog will learn to how to exhibit good canine manners in your home, yard and community.

The ten skills included in the CGC class and evaluation:

• Accepting a friendly stranger • Appearance • Grooming • Sitting quietly for petting • Out for a walk • Walking through a crowd • Sit
& down on command & stay in place • Coming when called • Reaction to another dog • Reaction to distractions • Supervised separation.

Passing the evaluation at the end of the group class series will qualify your dog for the AKC/CGC certification.

Please ask your training specialist for more information about more options available from the popular Family Dog Program.

8 Weeks, 1 hour/week, $290

Rally is all about positive, partnering with your dog. Rally
is as if canine obedience were combined with the partnering skills of Agility. In this introductory Rally class, you and your dog will learn introductory Rally signs/specific exercises, and how to navigate a course(s) with your dog. Each course has between (12-20) stations/signs where you and your canine partner perform
the directed exercises. This is a fun activity to share with your pup!

6 Weeks, 1 hour/week, $250 (Prerequisite: Puppy Preschool, CCG, or Intro. to Obedience.)



Kristen Jones
Kristen JonesTrainer & CGC Evaluator
Kristen’s passion for dogs and canine psychology began at a young age, sparked by her first dog, Jenna. Kristen began training her personal dogs at the age of sixteen, and has been training professionally since 2014. She currently has 3 dogs: Zayne (Catahoula mix), Bailey and Ace (mini Australian Shepherds).
As a balanced trainer, Kristen customizes her training approach to each individual dog, using positive reinforcement methods for basic commands. Kristen specializes in obedience, agility, task, and trick training. She focuses heavily on building a strong foundation, confidence in every canine and solid relationships between owners & dogs.
Kristen teaches her students how to address their dog’s basic needs, including stimulation, structure, and clear communication. With her expertise, owners can look forward to a strengthened, lasting bond with their dogs that leads to improved behaviors both at home and in public.


Ethan Sibley
Ethan SibleyTrainer
Ethan grew up with his family’s Chocolate Lab, Toby, and has been working with animals ever since. He began working in his neighborhood as an independent pet sitter and dog walker, caring for pets when their families were away. After his family moved to Virginia, he began working with dogs professionally at local dog daycares, gaining experience in dog handling and behavior. After joining OTPR team, Ethan first learned out busy Day Camp dynamics and getting to know all of our pups before jumping at the opportunity to become the Dog Trainer at our Dulles location. Ethan spent several months training at our Springfield and Bethesda locations, working closely with our trainers Kristen Jones and Michael Kelly and learning from their expertise. Consequently, Ethan’s training style combines the best elements from both his mentors. Ethan enjoys advising on changes to lifestyle habits at home, in addition to tackling complicated behaviors and obedience issues.

N. Bethesda

Michael Kelly
Michael KellyCCPDT (CBCC-KA) Dog trainer & CGC Evaluator
Michael is a certified professional dog trainer with extensive experience working with shelter animals and helping to create manageable household behaviors. Michael most recently worked at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital. While at Greenbriar Michael was able to apprentice under the tutelage of Renee Nappier and Caroline Shedd. He was able to gain expertise with training dogs towards titles in competitive obedience and other dog sports.

Michael and his wife have three dogs, Raja, Maui, and Zulu. Upon adoption Maui was incredibly fearful and under socialized, however Michael was able to work through those hang ups quickly and build his confidence to the point where was able to obtain his first obedience title through the UKC. Raja, an Akita mix, was an incredible escape artist from the beginning. Michael quickly realized through consistent communication and Raja’s love for food they were able to tackle and achieve many things from there.


The first step required for all private training programs is to meet with our training specialist to develop an individualized training plan to reach your goals.

Consultations are $30 for 30 minutes.  If you book a service the same day of your consultation, your consultation fee will be applied to your first training service.

This intensive, one-on-one, board and train service with our training specialist produces professional training results with your dog. From arrival to departure, your dog’s entire experience is personalized to fit your dog’s focused training goals. We work with you (and your dog) to design an individual training plan, identifying priorities the canine skills for your dog to acquire.

We provide methodical training to accomplish the desired goals, to build his/her confidence while learning new skills and mastering tasks. We track the learning experience, training and results, developing skills that will set your dog up for continued success. This custom, service includes a Stay-n- Train Review Session and a follow-up consultation to support your dog’s training behaviors at home.

Services Included in Stay & Train Package:

  • Thirty Minute Consultation
  • Daily Training Sessions
  • Departure Session
  • Follow-Up Session

$1000: 1-week stay (plus boarding fees)*

$1750: 2-week stay (plus boarding fees)*

Individual lessons are an excellent choice for pet parents looking for customized instruction with their dog from your training specialist. Individual lessons can benefit every dog! Lessons are especially valuable to prepare a young, timid or reactive dogs with foundational skills to join a group class with less stress and frustration for both the you and our canine partner. Our professional trainers can help you and your dog establish training practices to establish cooperative, canine tasks and reliable results.

Individualized dog training is more than dog obedience, it can also help your dog to live well- we attend to your dog’s well-being! We can help your dog with emotional issues like fear, aggression, frustration and/or
anxiety. If your dog has behaviors that have a significant impact
on his/her daily life and contribute to chronic stress levels in your home life- training may help! Thoughtful, positive, individual training can assist your dog to relax and enjoy more of life!

Ask your OTPR Training Specialist for further information.

Individual lessons – $150 (1 hour)

3 pack – $425 (Save $25)

5 pack – $700 (Save $50)

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