Protect Pet

Learn all the ways we go above and beyond to give the best care possible – to love and protect – your pet.

Building Design & Safety

  • Fire-Retardant Materials are used throughout. Fire evacuation plans onsite and rehearsed.

  • Hospital grade+ air handling. Air is completely circulated and filtered every 7 minutes.

  • Air handling is zoned to reduce the spread of any contagions. The cattery is also on it’s own separate system.

  • Escape-proof fencing and door systems.


  • Director Of Safety on staff

  • All staff are certified with safety courses.

  • Trained staff are onsite with your pet 24/7, 365 days a year.

Suite Amenities

  • Auto-fill filtered water that is on-demand in their water dish.

  • Sound proofing materials used between suites to help with noise-induced anxiety.