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Our Doggie Day Camp is the perfect opportunity for your pup to enjoy playtime and socialization throughout the day. It’s also a great resource for pups with separation anxiety or who act out from boredom while home alone.

Our attentive pet care staff supervises all Campers closely to ensure your pet goes home happy and dog-tired!

Day Camp Packages

Prices effective May 1, 2022

Single Day


5-Day Pass


11-Day Pass

  • (1 Day Free!)

23-Day Pass

  • (3 Days Free!)

Required Vaccinations

All guests attending Day Camp must be up-to-date on Bordetella and Distemper vaccinations. Per state law, puppies must have their first round of vaccines, and pups over the age of 4 months are also required to be up-to-date for Rabies.

Spay and Neuter

For the safety of our guests, all dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered to participate in Day Camp.

Half Day Or All Day

Some of our clients bring their dogs to Doggie Day Camp five or seven days a week, while others come only half days or on occasion as an alternative to a dog kennel while work is being done on their house. Other pet parents bring their dogs only on weekends while they run errands. Olde Towne Pet Resort will provide your canine with ample playtime and physical activity during their Doggie Day Camp experience.

Indoor & Outdoor

Dogs attending our Day Camp aren’t always limited to our indoor dog day care areas. Weather permitting, Day Campers also thoroughly enjoy our very spacious outdoor play yards! Under close supervision from our Day Camp counselors, dogs gather in packs or groups and play together in our dog bone-shaped water pools and sprinklers. Other pups choose to chase down balls or toys with their canine friends or simply relax outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather and warm sunshine.

Boarder Day Camp

Maximize your dog’s fun while boarding with Doggie Day Camp.  Upgrade your pet’s 20-minute playtime(s) and/or afternoon walks into 4-6 hours of Day Camp (length of time is dependent on your dog’s suite type). This will provide your dog with lots of stimulation, opportunities to play, attention from staff and access to our large outdoor yards where they can eliminate as needed.

Look at our Day Campers go….