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Dog Grooming


Salon & Spa Treatments

Spa Bath (Fee based on breed and weight)

Two shampoos (first to wash away dirt from the coat, second to cleanse down to skin), full conditioning treatment, cool blow drying, top coat brush out, Pawicure, and ear cleaning.

Complete Groom (Fee based on breed and weight)

Spa Bath plus professional clipping to breed or preferred specifications with
hand scissor finish.

Hand-Stripping Groom (Fee based on breed and weight)

Hand-Scissor Groom  (Fee based on breed and weight)

Express Service (straight through while you wait)  – $20 additional

Eye Cleaning & Eye Area Trim   $10

Ear Cleaning   $5

Ear Cleaning & Hand Plucking of Hair  $12

Teeth Brushing   $8

Anal Gland Expression (external only)  $8

Pawicure  $15

Nail Trim & File/Grind, Paw Pad Hair Cut 

Color Nail Polish  $15

Soft Paw® Nail Caps (requires Pawicure)  $20 per set

De-Matting and/or Heavy Undercoat Removal  $60 per hour

Feline Sanitary Shaving (does not include bath)  $20

Hot Oil Skin & Coat Treatments  $10/$15/$20 by weight

Medicated Shampoo  $10/$15/$20 by weight

Helps with skin allergies, eczema, sunburn, hot spots and relieves itching on contact.

Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo  $10/$15/$20 by weight

Moisturizes and soothes the skin. Great for sensitive and dry skin. Unscented Chemical Free Aroma Therapeutic

Wash and Conditioner   $10/$15/$20 by weight

Flea Shampoo, De-Skunking Shampoo & Tar Removal   $10/$15/$20 by weight

Mud Bath Treatment $30/$40/$50 by breed and weight

Cleanse, protect and rejuvenate your dog using one of four skin nourishing mud bath treatments – Flea Relief Mud, Mobility Mud, Shed Safely Mud and Smoothing Mud. Treatments are in addition to the Spa Bath.

Blueberry Facial   $10

Ideal for removing and cleaning tear and beard stains. Perfect for white and
light-colored coats.

Takes work to look this gorgeous!