Traveling for an extended period can be exciting for you but stressful when it comes to making arrangements for your feline friend. While some pet owners may opt to leave their cats at home with periodic check-ins from a friend or neighbor, checking your cat into a reputable cattery can often be a more beneficial option. Here’s why:

1. Professional Care and Supervision

Constant Attention:
Catteries provide around-the-clock care and supervision. Trained staff members are always on hand to ensure your cat’s needs are met. This constant presence is especially crucial for cats with medical conditions that require regular monitoring and medication.

Expertise in Cat Behavior:
Staff members in catteries are often well-versed in cat behavior. They can identify signs of stress or illness quickly and take appropriate actions, something a neighbor or friend might not easily recognize.

2. Safety and Security

Secure Environment:
Catteries are designed to keep cats safe. Unlike at home, where open windows or doors could pose a risk, catteries have controlled environments that prevent escape and protect against potential hazards.

Isolation from Other Animals:
In a cattery, your cat is kept safely away from other animals, reducing the risk of fights or injuries that could occur in neighborhoods with stray or wild animals.

3. Health and Hygiene

Regular Cleaning:
Catteries maintain high standards of cleanliness. Litter boxes are cleaned regularly, and living quarters are sanitized, providing a hygienic environment for your cat.

Controlled Diet:
Catteries ensure that your cat is fed a balanced diet at regular intervals. If your cat has specific dietary needs, these can be catered to, something that might be more challenging to manage with a sitter.

Reduced Risk of Illness:
Although exposure to other cats can raise concerns about illness, reputable catteries require all resident cats to be fully vaccinated, minimizing the risk of disease transmission.

4. Socialization and Stimulation

Opportunity for Controlled Socialization:
While cats are often solitary creatures, some enjoy watching or interacting with other cats. Catteries can provide this in a controlled way.

Toys and Playtime:
Many catteries offer enrichment activities and playtime, ensuring that your cat remains active and engaged during their stay.

5. Peace of Mind for You

Stress Reduction:
Knowing your cat is in a safe, professional environment can significantly reduce the anxiety and guilt many owners feel about leaving their pets behind.

Regular Updates:
Many catteries offer the option of regular updates via text, email, or even webcam, allowing you to see that your cat is doing well.

6. Customized Care

Special Needs:
For cats with special medical or emotional needs, catteries can provide tailored care that might be difficult to replicate at home.

Routine Maintenance:
From grooming to administering medication, catteries can handle the routine maintenance that your cat needs, ensuring they are in top condition when you return.

While the thought of being away from your furry companion can be daunting, choosing a cattery for their care during long trips can offer numerous benefits. It’s not just about having someone feed and watch over your cat; it’s about professional care, safety, health, and emotional well-being. At Olde Towne Pet Resorts we offer a home away from home, ensuring your cat is well-cared for, happy, and healthy, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your trip. Learn more about our cattery: