Book a sitting with Matt Mendelsohn

Matt Mendelsohn has been a photojournalist and fine art portrait artist for 34 years. His portraits taken at the Olde Town Pet Resorts over the years have become a labor of love–sort of an an odd combination of artistry and speed dating.

In only ten minutes, Mendelsohn gets right to the heart of your love for your canine companion. Sittings are free. Signed and dated, museum quality prints are available to purchase in the weeks after the event.

Springfield – October 15th 

Dulles –  October 16th 

N. Bethesda – October 22nd

Call to book now: 888.475.3580

A message from Matt:

I’m excited to be doing portraits at the Olde Towne Pet Resorts next month! We’ve done this photo marathon for a few years now at various places. But it all started at the Olde Towne Pet Resort and we consider you guys to be our home base. Over the years we’ve met so many great people at OTPR. We love coming back.

Here’s a little primer that we’ve found to be helpful for you guys as you sign up for our portrait marathon. We call it Dog Day.

What are you doing exactly? What is the object of the event?

It’s kind of like fine-art portraiture meets speed dating. The object of the event is to produce—under somewhat comical duress and speed—a fine-art portrait of you and your dog for you to share with a loved one and hang in your home. And when I say “fine-art” I am talking about a large, museum-quality fiber photograph….that hopefully gets framed by a framer. These are NOT like the “quickie” photos spit out by a printer that you get from your daughter’s ice hockey team photo day or with Santa at the mall. When you’re at one of the Olde Towne Pet Resorts—Springfield, Rockville or Dulles— take a look at the large prints that hang in the lobby. That’s what we’re going for, and that’s why these prints are more expensive. (You can also go to my website and look there under Portraits/Dog Day.) This is all about producing a tangible piece of art in an otherwise iPhone world.

What should I wear?
You should dress as casually as possible. Jeans, sweaters, boots! Leave the ties and blazers at home—they just don’t translate to this type of portrait. Also, avoid big patterns, corporate logos (Nike logos and the like), and athletic wear. Avoid checkered shirts. Basically, dress like you would if someone told you you’d be sitting on a vintage crate or antique suitcase! Which is what you will be doing. Also, and very important: Because of the way we shoot, we really need to do this outside in the parking lot. Yes, it might be chilly in the morning. But embrace the fun.

Finally, sometimes people ask me if they can dress their dog up. That’s not really my thing but I won’t tell you what you can or can’t do! Again, please take a look at my website for a guide to what we’re trying to get.

How long are the sessions?
Ten minutes or so. Until I feel like I have something.

Is there a charge to take part?

Nope. OTPR is giving you this session for free. The only thing you pay for is your print. And there’s no obligation to purchase a print if you don’t like it. (That would be sad!)

Can you just photograph my dog without me?
Though we never turn anyone Away, I’d really rather not. My pictures are always about the relationship between you and your dog. If I just shoot your dog, there’s no story there for me. There are lots of folks who can help you with those kinds of pictures. (On a related front, please make sure that if you want me to photograph your dog and your young children that those children are able to control the dog on their own.)

Are the pictures all in black and white? 
No. I like the black and whites a lot but sometimes things click in color, too. We leave it to artistic whim.

How much are prints? Is this like Santa at the mall?
Bite your tongue! (I’m kidding.) But no, we’re not trying to do wallet sizes here. The goal of these shoots is to produce a museum quality fine art print that will be framed. We have two main sizes: 13×19” and 17×22.” I’ll have plenty of samples on hand. We can do the framing or you can do it yourself. The 13×19” is $250, the 17×22” is $325, and a 20×24” is $375. Yes, we can print larger sizes. Just ask. And yes, we can help with framing as well. There is a $180 fee for framing and we will have framed examples on hand. You are welcome to frame your prints on your own.

Can I buy the digital file to print from?
When you buy a print, we will give you a small file to use on social media. If you want a large file from which you can do your own printing, that’s $150.

When do we get to see the portraits?

We will designate a day to spend at each resort. You can stop by and we can show you your options and framing samples and the like. I’ll let you know what those three dates will be. If you can’t make any of those dates, you can make an appointment to come to our studio in Old Town Alexandria.