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OTPR offers a variety of opportunities for training that fit our clients’ lifestyles and we can help you determine which is best for you and your dog. Whether you prefer Stay and Train, Private Lessons, or have a specific training need, we have a program for you. 

At OTPR, we believe that dogs (like people) are best able to learn and develop if provided consistent, balanced teaching methods free of fear. With our training approach, dogs develop a love of learning. At all times, your dog’s safety, well-being, and overall happiness are top priority.



Kristen Jones
Kristen JonesTrainer & CGC Evaluator
Kristen’s passion for dogs and canine psychology began at a young age, sparked by her first dog, Jenna. Kristen began training her personal dogs at the age of sixteen, and has been training professionally since 2014. She currently has 3 dogs: Zayne (Catahoula mix), Bailey and Ace (mini Australian Shepherds).
As a balanced trainer, Kristen customizes her training approach to each individual dog, using positive reinforcement methods for basic commands. Kristen specializes in obedience, agility, task, and trick training. She focuses heavily on building a strong foundation, confidence in every canine and solid relationships between owners & dogs.
Kristen teaches her students how to address their dog’s basic needs, including stimulation, structure, and clear communication. With her expertise, owners can look forward to a strengthened, lasting bond with their dogs that leads to improved behaviors both at home and in public.


Alex Crespo
Alex CrespoTrainer
While studying Psychology at George Mason University, he pursued a focus on canine behavior, learning, and all forms of reinforcement. Alexander has always had a passion for dogs and learning starting from a young age. Alexander has had the pleasure of learning from three mentors, each with unique styles allowing for him to have a well-rounded approach to any problem with a focus on basic obedience, over-excitement, and leash aggression.
Alexander has worked in both the Springfield and North Bethesda training programs and is a key part of our Olde Towne Pet Resort family. No matter what your pet’s needs may be, Alexander can Taylor-Make specific training best suited for your dog.

N. Bethesda

Michael Kelly
Michael KellyCCPDT (CBCC-KA) Dog trainer & CGC Evaluator
Michael is a certified professional dog trainer with extensive experience working with shelter animals and helping to create manageable household behaviors. Michael most recently worked at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital. While at Greenbriar Michael was able to apprentice under the tutelage of Renee Nappier and Caroline Shedd. He was able to gain expertise with training dogs towards titles in competitive obedience and other dog sports.

Michael and his wife have three dogs, Raja, Maui, and Zulu. Upon adoption Maui was incredibly fearful and under socialized, however Michael was able to work through those hang ups quickly and build his confidence to the point where was able to obtain his first obedience title through the UKC. Raja, an Akita mix, was an incredible escape artist from the beginning. Michael quickly realized through consistent communication and Raja’s love for food they were able to tackle and achieve many things from there.


The first step required for all private training programs is to meet with our training specialist to develop an individualized training plan to reach your goals.

Consultations are $30 for 30 minutes.  If you book a service the same day of your consultation, your consultation fee will be applied to your first training service.

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