Long or short hair, wiry and shaggy, every pet feels better with a little sprucing up.  During this time of year pet parents everywhere have one thing on their minds…a good grooming is in order.  Here are a few tips on keeping your fur family looking their best for summertime.

Keep Your Appointments

Not to be a nag but keeping up with your pet’s grooming appointments will save you headaches later.  Our grooming department recommends an appointment for your dog or cat every 4 to 6 weeks. This doesn’t always mean a haircut, it can be a bath or specialty treatment to keep their coat healthy. Ask our reservations team to schedule future appointments to save time and maintain a good grooming schedule.

Healthy Skin, Healthy Coat

Our spa treatments aren’t just for pampering your pet, although that is a plus. We pride ourselves on providing the best spa treatments to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing.  Here are a few featured spa services offered at all of our locations.

  • Hypoallergenic Shampoo

An oatmeal-based treatment with soothing aloe vera and a mild coconut cleanser to relieve the discomfort of allergies.

This is especially beneficial for pets who suffer from both skin and seasonal allergies such as; grass, pollen, etc. Pet parents may also find that this reduces their reaction to fine pet dander.  A hypoallergenic bath can help keep your sneezes in check.


The Power of Mud

Our mud treatments help to cleanse, protect, and rejuvenate your pet’s skin and coat.  These detoxifying spa treatments come in three distinct formulas to offer the best benefits for your pet.

  • Mobility Mud Treatment

A rejuvenating blend of menthol, essential oils, and aloe vera, to increase circulation and ease joint discomfort.

  • DeShed Mud Treatment

A clarifying treatment that unclogs hair follicles, lifts dirt and releases the undercoat with a cleansing rinse. A perfect solution for undercoat removal.

  • Soothing Mud Treatment

A calming blend with witch hazel and green tea extract that treats itchy and sensitive skin and reduces hot spots.

The Right Cut for The Right Coat

Our furry friends have different coat and skin types, it’s best to find a grooming solution that works best for them.  For example, pets with very short hair such as Bully breeds should never be shaved to the skin.  These breeds tend to be prone to skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, etc. and shaving can interfere with natural oil production.

For our long, shaggy, and wire-haired friends a different approach may be required.  Always consult your groomer when discussing the desired cut, they can help you figure out which technique and is right for your pet. Or if an additional skin treatment is recommended.

When In Doubt, Talk It Out

At Olde Towne Pet Resort, we are proud to offer our clients an expert grooming team at all our locations.  Our groomers are committed to providing an exceptional experience for your pet.

Not sure which spa service is right for your pet? No problem we’ve got you covered. We encourage all our clients to ask our grooming and reservations team about available spa services for their pet.  We are happy to help!

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