Day Boarding


Day boarding suites for dogs and cats in Springfield and Sterling Virginia

Boarding without the overnight stay

For pet parents seeking a day care alternative to our Doggie Day Camp, Olde Towne Pet Resort’s day boarding is an option. Day boarding dogs enjoy the privacy of a dog boarding suite, walks and playtime without an overnight stay.

Ideal option for dogs with special needs

Dogs who don’t socialize well, who can’t be left home
alone or who are in need of special care or handling
throughout the day while pet parents are at work —
such as pre- or post-surgical dogs — are excellent candidates for day boarding with Olde Towne Pet Resort.

Day boarding during recovery

Post-surgical dogs with physical restrictions or limited mobility requirements who must refrain from any kind of play or other pets fare well as day boarders. Our pet care staff has extensive experience providing recuperating dogs with loving, attentive care. They will closely collaborate with you and your vet to ensure every comfort is extended during your dog’s recovery from either illness or injury.

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