Spa Bath



The Olde Towne Pet Resort Spa Bath goes way beyond a simple tub rinse and includes multiple-step treatments, from ears to paws. Our Spa Bath includes two rounds of bathing for the skin and hair; brushing and combing of under and over-coats; drying by both hand and cool-air blowers; a full Pawicure; ear cleaning; and, water and walk breaks.


We encourage you to visit our unique Bath and Grooming Salon, designed to provide a most beneficial and peaceful experience.


Bathing & Comb-Out

Our bathing system gently massages your pet’s skin while it helps remove deep-down dirt and dander. Our groomers and bathers gently lift small pets into the bath. Larger dogs walk up a ramp. Extra-large dogs (or dogs with reduced mobility) enjoy the luxury of our walk-in shower. Designed specifically to meet their needs, it’s just another example of how Olde Towne Pet Resort has thought of everything.

Your pet receives a first shampoo for rinsing of coat and surface dirt and a second shampoo for cleansing of skin with Ultra Wash Shampoo, suggested for normal-condition skin and coat. Next, your pet receives Ultra Plenish Conditioner to eliminate tangles, matting and static electricity. This conditioner helps repair damaged coats. Finally, we apply Ultra Vitalizing Mist, a leave-on instant conditioner that provides a protective moisture and protein treatment—adding shine to the coat. For problem skin and coats, we offer the appropriate shampoo and conditioning formulas.

Our bathers comb-out your pet’s coat both before and after the bath with the highest-quality stainless steel combs, with teeth length appropriate for your pet’s coat and condition. If necessary, we may suggest by hand de-matting and extra under coat removal. If your pet is severely matted, we may suggest shaving as a gentler, less time consuming, and less costly alternative.


We first hand-dry your pet with cool, compressed air to force out water and remaining dead hair from the coat. To thoroughly dry and fluff the coat, we offer room-temperature, in-cage drying with surround air flow in order to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We NEVER use high-temperature air that might burn or hurt your beloved pet.

Ear Cleaning

Reduces build-up and helps prevent infection. Our staff provides thorough cleaning (and plucking of hair, if necessary, or at owner’s request).


Unkempt nails and paw pads can cause your pet pain and discomfort. Lighter-weight breeds (who don’t have the adequate body weight) and all dogs that do not get much exercise need our help to wear down their nails. Help your pet and reduce scratches on hardwood floors, furniture, and yourself.

The Olde Towne Pet Resort Pawicure includes nail trimming, filing, and grinding, as well as hair trimming between the toes and paw pad skin treatment to prevent or treat mild cracks.

Express Spa Bath

If you would like Express Service for your Spa Bath or grooming, for an additional fee of $20, we will express your pet to the front of the line. Depending on your pet’s breed or coat condition, this is a while-you-wait service which may take from 45 minutes up to 2 hours.


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