Salon Services


Skin & Coat Treatments

Mud Bath Treatments
Cleanse, protect and rejuvenate your dog using Madra Mor’s four skin nourishing mud bath treatments.

  • Fortify with the Flea Relief Mud ideal for strengthening and maintaining healthy skin.
  • Energize with Mobility Mud, a cooling and refreshing mud used to stimulate the coat.
  • Hydrate with the Shed Safely Mud, a sweet smelling, moisturizing deep cleanser.
  • Calm with the Soothing Mud used to soothe dry skin and promote quick healing.

Blueberry Facial
Ideal for removing and cleaning tear and beard stains, the blueberry facial is perfect for white and light-colored coats. This gentle to use and tearless formula acts as a lightener to help make your dog’s coat sparkling clean.

Hypo-Allergenic, Medicated, Lemon-AID Conditioning Shampoo
Wheat protein conditions and adds manageability, moisture retention, and elasticity to coat.

M.E.D. Shampoo for Skin
Antiseptic and healing agents such as aloe vera gel, eucalyptus oil and chamomile extract are formulated into this mild yet effective shampoo. Recommended for pets with skin allergies.

Flea & Tick Treatment
Rid your dog of pesky fleas and ticks with our medicated flea and tick treatment, consisting of 2 medicated baths to kill all fleas and ticks, as well as tick removal by hand.

At OTPR, we use the finest essential oils that are carefully blended from natural ingredients. The oils that we use meet the most common needs of pet care, in addition to providing a soothing, pleasant and calming feeling for your pet. We use these pure essential oils to treat itchiness, hot spots, skin issues, arthritis or any other issue your pet may have.

Hot Oil Treatment
Makes your dog feel good and silky-smooth to your touch.

Several treatments using a neutralizing shampoo and spray to eliminate skunk odor.

No Pain De-Tangling and De-Matting By Hand
and/or Heavy Undercoat Removal

The de-tangling & de-matting process consists of brushing out the coat to remove all matts and tangles.
A clipping tool is sometimes required for the sensitive areas on your pet such as the ears or armpits.

Tar Removal 
We can assist with removing tar, asphalt and tree sap. Treatment follows with a spa bath and complete groom if applicable.

Finishing Touches:
Show Grooming and Preparation; Bows; Bandanas, and Braids

Hand Stripping:
Hand stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog, either by using a stripping knife or the fingers. Hand stripping coordinates the shedding and makes room for a new coat to grow.

This breed-specific service is provided by experienced, trained groomers.


Health & Happiness

Teeth Brushing

Cleans teeth and freshens breath for a happy and healthy smile.

Anal Gland Cleansing and Expression
In order to abstain from infection or irritation, we recommend getting your pet’s anal glands expressed and cleansed on a regular maintenance basis.

Coat Maintenance
Complete combing and brushing of top and under-coat.
Fee based on time required to complete entire coat maintenance process.

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