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Hi, I’m Rocco Bell (Labrador Retriever)

What I love about Olde Towne Pet Resort

What don’t I love about OTPR? I love that they get all excited every time they see me and greet me by name and sometimes a treat. They play fun games with me and they even make it nice and cozy when I take naps (even at camp). The staff is awesome and they make me feel very special and wanted, and that’s all a pup can ask for! They even feed me lunch which is my favorite time of the day! If I have to be away from my home, there is no place I would rather be that OTPR!!!

Puppy ambitions

Nothing makes me happier than to put a smile on everyone’s face – I just want everyone to be eating out of the palms of my paws!

Proudest moment

The first time I lifted my leg to pee…man was I proud, and I looked back just to make sure mom saw me, which she did and started clapping for me!

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