Happy Guests Cubby, Mason, Angus, Sasha

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Hi, we’re Angus, Mason, Sasha & Cubby (Cocker Spaniels)

What we love about Olde Towne Pet Resort

All the attention and training we get!


Angus: Nighttime.
Mason: Sitting on the back porch.
Sasha: Taking care of my brothers.
Cubby: Sitting at the foot of the bed.

Endearing quality

Angus: Gentleness.
Mason: Making you smile.
Sasha: Being territorial on walks.
Cubby: laziness.

Proudest moments

Angus: Giving blood to other dogs.
Mason: Protecting the homestead.
Sasha: Taking care of the pack.
Cubby: Tricking people into thinking I can hear.

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