Happy Guests Abbey And Rooney

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Hi, we’re Abbey & Rooney (Golden Retrievers)

What we love about Olde Towne Pet Resort

Swimming with Jen. It’s our favorite thing to do in the whole world!

Pet Peeves

Abbey: That a Golden has never won the Westminster Dog Show.
Rooney: When there is not enough food left on the counter.

Proudest Moments

Abbey: Being accepted as a therapy dog by the Fairfax Pets On Wheels.
Rooney: Eating a loaf of french bread and a colander full of pasta while Mom and Dad were outside!

Biggest Challenges

Abbey: The month after my best doggie friend died.
Rooney: Living on the streets for 6 months until being rescued by Almost Heaven Golden Retriever.

Fondest Memories

Abbey: Body surfing at Dewey Beach.
Rooney: Meeting Abbey for the first time.

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