Dog Trainers

Dog Trainers

Kate Campbell

Canine Training Specialist
Starmark Academy

Kate is a valued member of the Olde Towne Pet Resort, and has been for 5 years. A Canine Training Specialist, Kate graduated from the prestigious Starmark Academy in the top of her class. Kate is versed in several training methods, including but not limited to Obedience, Behavior Modification, and Clicker training. Kate specializes in behavior modification – her most recent trainee was her recently adopted German Shepherd rescue, Booker. Booker exhibited several symptoms of fear aggression prior to adoption, including barking, submissive urination, and dog aggression. Kate adopted Booker with full knowledge of his behavioral issues, and set out to give him another chance with her family. With intensive training techniques and behavior modification training, Kate was able to show him how to trust her and adapt to the world around him. Thanks to Kate’s dedication and commitment to Booker’s training, he is now a happy, well-mannered part of her family.

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