Dog training classes are available at Olde Towne Pet Resort's Springfield and Dulles Virginia locations


Bring out the best in your dog by learning to be a benevolent leader!

With positive training methods, we offer one-on-one manners training or group classes for you and your dog. Learn how to talk “dog” by understanding the visual signals between you and your dog. Teach your dog basic obedience so you both can enjoy each other more.


Whether you choose group or private training or agility work, commit to building your relationship based on positive reinforcement rather than fear or punishment.


Etiquette School runs daily for 2 weeks. Group classes run once a week for 6 weeks.
Please contact us for session scheduling and registration.

Etiquette School (Private)

We will teach your dog BASIC MANNERS every family dog should possess.

Tailoring the lesson plans to your dog’s needs, the instructor will teach and reinforce the following manners: sit, down, loose leash walking, come, name recognition, leave it, wait, off, and stay. This program is open to dogs of all ages, including puppies. After completing the program you will be so proud of your dog’s good manners!

Drop your dog off with us every morning for two weeks for multiple tutorials throughout the day. Every day, your dog will receive 4-6 “training sessions” of 15-25 minutes in duration. These short sessions will keep your dog’s attention and ensure his or her participation.

Schedule drop off and pick up times at your convenience. School includes three, mandatory, one-hour sessions with owner and dog.

In your private sessions, we will show and teach you how to work with your dog. Your job will be to reinforce the lessons learned with us in a consistent manner. Repeating and reinforcing the training will ensure that the manners stay strong and help you build your relationship with your dog.

Progress depends on the temperament of the dog. Some dogs may learn more slowly than others and we will work at their speed without any unnecessary pressure put on the dog.

Puppy Pre-School

Set your puppy up to be a successful, well-mannered dog. Early socialization and training plays a major role in raising your puppy the right way. In a safe, clean, and private environment where only healthy dogs with vaccines are allowed, you will learn to teach your puppy basic obedience, socialization, off-leash commands with other puppies, and learn about topics such as house training, nipping, chewing, body language, grooming, handling, living with children, and management of puppy’s environment. This class is taught in a group format in a low distraction and safe environment. Human friendly members are welcome. We welcome puppies from ages 8 weeks up to 5 months who have at lease one distemper/Parvo combination vaccine, worming and rabies vaccine (required at 4 months).

Family Dog I / Beginner Obedience

You and your dog will learn positive obedience skills, focused attention, sit, down, stay, come, wait, leave it, and informal heel for the family dog. Learn how and when to reward and when to increase distractions, duration, and distance. This course will help you establish a deeper relationship with your dog, strengthening your roles and your bond through play and positive reinforcement. Please note: Females in season may not attend.

Family Dog II / Obedience Level II

This class begins where the Family Dog Beginner Obedience class finished. The objective of this class is to introduce distance and duration of behaviors using various levels of distractions. The main goal will be improving reliability and responsiveness of skills previously learned. All goals are focused around varying levels of distractions: proofing heeling/walking; proper greetings of visitors, strangers and dogs; reliable come or recall; and, the maintaining of learned skills and avoid undesirable behaviors. Must have successfully completed Puppy Preschool or Family Dog I/ Beginner Obedience to attend this class.

Agility Training for Dogs

AGILITY FIELD WORK (Group and Private)
Our outdoor agility course may look like a playground for dogs, but running the arena’s obstacles requires intense focus and energy from the dog and its handler. The arena is fully lighted and completely escape-proof. Our agility classes teach both handler and dog how to safely maneuver various obstacles: A-frame, dog-walk, teeter-totter, weave poles, tunnels, chutes, jumps, and more. All agility training is done through positive reinforcement methods. We require and will evaluate for completion of basic obedience skills; off-leash training is helpful, but not mandatory. Group training runs once a week for six weeks. Groups are limited to a maximum of six (non-aggressive) dogs at one time. In addition to or in lieu of the group class, we offer one-on-one agility training for one-hour sessions.

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