Fitness & Fun


Circuit Fitness/Iron Dog

Dogs of all breeds and sizes enjoy and need a good workout

Pets in our care are encouraged to exercise. It helps to provide fun and stimulation—both physical and mental—as well as help relieve possible separation anxiety. Our building design and amenities reflect our focus on movement, as does our insistence on a minimum of three walks a day for dogs staying over-night with us. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a move on it!


For the Iron Dog Tri-Athlete. Cardio-Jog, Agility Field Play and Swim for a continuous hour of high-energy movement. (20-minute intervals of each activity).

Agility Field Play


Our outdoor agility course may look like a playground for dogs, but running the arena’s obstacles requires intense focus and energy from the dog. We equip our arena with agility equipment, lighting, and escape-proof barriers. Our trainers use positive reinforcement methods for one-on-one play sessions.


Does your dog need to shed a few pounds?

Or, does your pooch just have an excess of energy? Either way, we’ll make your dog’s stay an active vacation with a one-on-one, 20-30 minute run on our indoor running track at our Springfield pet resort location or on our outdoor lap courses with steady jogging and interval sprints at either Springfield or Dulles. And should inclement weather arise? No need to worry! Our motorized canine treadmill at Dulles can easily provide your canine with ample indoor exercise and fitness options, rain or shine!

Play Date

One-on-one exercise sessions

Dogs who do not play well with others as well as un-neutered male dogs and un-spayed female dogs are invited to one-on-one exercise sessions with our energetic staff. Please let us know about your dog’s favorite games or toys.

Extra Walk

Additional Walks Beyond Suite Packages

If you would like your dog to receive more walks than those included in the suite packages, we would be happy to accommodate your furry friend!

Fido Fit Camp

New at Olde Towne Pet Resort!

Fido Fit Camp is a customized, comprehensive ten-day fitness program to help your dog get in shape and set up healthy habits.  We will evaluate your dog and rank his body condition score, measure his BMI, chart his weight, and make food portion recommendations.  Activities will include a swimming work-out, a cardio jog outside or on the treadmill for conditioning, agility course work to improve quickness and reaction time, pawlates for core strengthening and balance, and weight pulling with a gradual increase of weight and distance for strength.  With Luxury suite accommodations, your dog will also receive four daily walks and a playtime.   With an app for you at home and an activity monitor on your dog, you can measure your dog’s daily activity levels and sleep patterns.  Of course, you can also watch him in his suite on the webcam.   We will provide you with a video of your dog’s camp activities and the monitor for you to take home. At the end of each week, we will give your dog a much deserved sports massage and Spa Bath.  After the camp, follow up with any of the activities on an a-la-carte basis for maintenance.


New at Olde Towne Pet Resort!

Using elongated fit balls made just for dogs, your dog will learn to balance his weight on a moving surface.  Your dog will also work to stabilize his weight on a rocking board and walk across fitness balancing pillows.  Great for working breeds and dogs who need a challenge.


Get your kitty into tip-top shape!

Cats will enjoy private or group play time on our specially designed jungle gym just for cats. Cats will also chase laser-lights and play games with enticing toys.

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