Media Kit

Media Kit


Our media kit was developed purposefully for local and national media outlets, writers, journalists and bloggers interested in featuring the warm, loving side of an innovative pet resort. Use this media kit to download logos, images, and information for you or for use in the coverage of Olde Towne Pet Resort.

Media Contact: Barbara Martin, BrandLinkDC, 202.733.5223,

Generic Public Relations Inquiries

Fact Sheet

You can download the latest Olde Towne Pet Resort Fact Sheet here.

Image Library

Photo Credits: Any and all photos are available for press use as long as they carry an Olde Towne Pet Resort photo credit.

Disclaimer: All files are property of Olde Towne Pet Resort unless otherwise noted and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. By downloading these files, you agree to abide by all copyright notices and restrictions.

Dog Guests

Olde Towne
Pet Resort

A Pawicure In Action
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Dog Splashing in Lap Pool
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Exterior of Springfield Resort Entrance
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Cute Dog with a Biscuit
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Springfield Resort Accommodations
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Springfield Resort Rotunda
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Interview Us

We would be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions- in person, by phone, or email.

Also, we can provide you with pet parent contact information so that you may interview clients who are ready and willing to share their and their pets’ Olde Towne Pet Resort experiences.

Olde Towne Pet Resort management team:

Leah Fried Sedwick Owner, Olde Towne Pet Resort
Kenneth Pilcher Executive Director, Rockville
Peter Bailey Executive Director, Dulles
Shannon Auth Executive Director, Springfield

Story Ideas

Fit and Pretty Dogs

See Spot Swim or Jump Through Hoops: Recreation and Fitness for your Family Pet.
Over-weight and under-stimulated dogs need our help. See working and toy breeds in the pool, on the agility playground, and in fitness class.

Diva Dogs: Salon and Spa Treatments.
Yes, our first-class salon and spa treatments do include a lot of pampering and primping but there are many other benefits to canine grooming which have a positive impact on a pet’s physical health.

Social Networking: A Day in the Life of a Dog Day Camper.
Ever wonder about what a canine experiences during the day as a Dog Day Camper? Meet some social butterflies (or dogs) who enjoy regular play-dates with friends.

Content Cats

Here Kitty, Kitty: Yes, Cats Can and Do Play.
Dogs aren’t the only ones allowed to have fun. Cats also need designated play time, interaction and socialization for balanced health and well-being.

Cat Salon: When licking your own fur is just not enough.
It takes a special groomer and a special salon to give a finicky feline a bath and hair-cut.

Resort Stays and Stories

Preparing Your Pet for the Boarding Experience
The most frequently posed question: “How can I make my pet’s stay more comfortable?” For those who may be considering dog boarding at a pet resort for the first time, we can provide various helpful tips to help you plan ahead and prepare your pet for a positive and joyful stay. And, no, they won’t miss you as they will be having too much fun.

Pet Parents: Report Cards and Rewards for the Other Kids.
Ask our long-time clients about what they and their pets love at Olde Towne Pet Resort. Every pet leaves us with a report card. We tell you what they did and did not do if you miss it on the pet cam.

Business and the Economics of Pets

Entrepreneurial Woman in Business: A Daughter Carries Her Father’s Legacy Forward.
Olde Towne Pet Resort’s President, Leah Fried Sedwick, founded the resort with her father over 8 years ago. Today, she is championing forward her father’s legacy and vision for the resort by expanding operations in Northern Virginia and beyond.

To reserve any of our dog or cat boarding suites, click here!