Olde Towne Pet Resort Brings Premier Pet Boarding and Grooming to Rockville


Amy Clark

Olde Towne Pet Resort Announces Rockville Location
Expansion brings $9 million pet care facility to Montgomery County

ROCKVILLE, MD: Olde Towne Pet Resort, the DC region’s premier pet care and boarding facility, is proud to announce the launch of its Rockville, MD location.  This is Olde Towne Pet Resort’s third location, and first across the Potomac. The 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility will be located at 122230 Wilkins Avenue.

Olde Towne Pet Resort’s presence in Rockville is a testament to the increasing level of consumer demand for high quality pet care. Over 65% of households in the country own a dog or cat. National polls reveal that owners consider their dogs and cats true members of the family, often receiving more time, attention, and expenditure than human family members. As such, the pet care industry grows exponentially every year. The American Pet Products Association estimates that in 2016, Americans spent over $63 billion on pet care, an increase of over $30 billion since Olde Towne Pet Resort opened its first location in Fairfax County, Virginia in 2002.

“The creation and expansion of our business in Rockville is a labor of love,” says Leah Fried Sedwick, President and Owner of Olde Towne Pet Resort. “What started as a passion project over a decade ago to provide our own family pets with the level of care they deserved and a level of care that did not exist, soon turned into a successful enterprise that pioneered an entire new concept. Now, many pet owners consider doggie day camp and hotel-like boarding essential to the care of their family pets. Our resorts represent the culmination of years of experience, research, and the steadfast belief that others felt the same way about their pets as we did.”

Olde Towne Pet Resort’s unique, cutting edge design elements aim to protect pet health and enhance the pets’ experience. Unlike any other facility, Olde Towne Pet Resort offers an air filtration system that brings outdoor air to the inside every three to four minutes, roughly five times more often than the air flow in the average home, helping to eliminate airborne contaminants and reduce the risk of conditions such as kennel cough. Additionally, it virtually eliminates any odor of pets. Multiple levels of soundproofing built into the facility’s design reduce the stress-inducing sound of barking. Safety features include an emergency power generator guaranteeing no interruption of electricity for its 120 suites for dogs and 40 cat condos, under- and above-ground fencing, redundant double doors throughout, and an extremely well trained and certified staff offering the highest staff to pet ratio in the region.

“The decision to expand to Rockville was a natural one for us,” says Sedwick. “In fact, we hoped to find a Montgomery County location for years. This community shares our love for pets and wants first-rate care for them.  Olde Towne Pet Resort’s $9 million facility will create 75 jobs during peak seasons in the community. The facility will lead the redevelopment of an ageing, industrial section minutes away from the burgeoning, mini-town of Pike and Rose.”

The expansive indoor and outdoor day camps allow dogs to frolic every day, from 6:30 AM until 7 PM. With a grooming salon and spa, play spaces, and a heated swimming pool for therapy and exercise, Olde Towne Pet Resort offers a high level of care to its animal clients, unmatched in the country. Pet owners can choose from mental and physical exercises to de-stress and mentally stimulate their pets including agility training, fit fido boot camp, and swimming.  Or, add soothing treatments that range from sports massages and grooming, to one-on-one cuddle dates and turn-down service.

All suite level packages include a minimum of three daily walks, two meals, daily portering and cleaning of the suite, and continuous monitoring of the pet’s welfare. We customize every pet’s stay to his or her needs and clients may choose additional services, from specially prepared meals to night-time turn-down service with reading and cuddling.

Additionally, Olde Towne Pet Resort never raises prices for any suite levels or services during holiday and peak periods of stay.

The globally renowned JLL’s Mid-Atlantic Project and Development Team, under the direction of Chris Gordon, oversees the development of the Rockville resort.

About Olde Towne Pet Resort:

Olde Towne Pet Resort is the Washington, DC region’s premier pet care and boarding facility. With locations in Springfield and Dulles, VA, the resort offers unparalleled services, including boarding, indoor and outdoor day camp, indoor swimming, fitness classes, grooming, massage, unique spa options, 24-hour web cameras, and more for dogs and cats. Trained and knowledgeable staff members spare no detail in guaranteeing the care and well being of canine and feline guests.

For more information about Olde Towne Pet Resort and its many pet services and boarding options, please visit us on our website www.OldeTownePetResort.com, or on our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To schedule an interview with Leah Fried Sedwick or to schedule a visit to Olde Towne Pet Resort’s Rockville resort, please contact Amy Clark at 202.722.5223 or amy@brandlinkdc.com

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