Are Dogs Overly Pampered?

In a recent post we published entitled Our Dogs: More Than Just Companions, we discussed the disconnect between the laws and regulations on pets and how most animal lovers regard their pets as members of the family.

However, there are those out there – especially in the very dog-friendly San Francisco Bay – who feel that dogs are overly pampered and impinge on humans. The argument is reminiscent of the periodic rants against the small number of bicyclists who hog the roads. Writer Doesn’t Want to “Pet Your Dog”

A tech writer, Farhad Manjoo, from posted “No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog.” (“It’s time to take America back”) on May 9, 2013. This article was the catalyst for an hour-long call-in public radio program in San Francisco.

The last straw for Manjoo seemed to be the presence of a Doberman in Manjoo’s gym, whose friendliness Manjoo took as the equivalent of an unwanted high-five. Admittedly, he is not a dog person; not that he dislikes them. He just doesn’t have time for them – the way he doesn’t have time for cross-word puzzles.

His complaint is that “There’s now a cultural assumption that everyone must love dogs.” To explain how he feels about being accosted by a dog, he substitutes his two and a half-year-old son, whom he loves unconditionally. He loves his son the way we love our dogs and thinks strangers must appreciate how cute his son is.

Still, he reins his son in, because he realizes the obstreperous, fidgety, perhaps with a full diaper load, loud child may say inappropriate things or might aggravate people. Think of someone kicking your seat in an airplane or screaming in a nice restaurant or museum. Manjoo takes special exceptions to dogs in the office.

What Folks Are Saying About Manjoo’s Dog Intolerance

Comments on Majoo’s article and the radio program show people voting three to one that dogs were out of control. (Bark, online, July 16, 2013)

Have you noticed rude pet-owner behavior: owners who let dogs jump up on you, don’t pick up after their dogs, allow their dogs to play unsupervised in the park, assume you are not allergic or averse to petting their dog?

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