Dog Kennels, Pet Sitters or Pet Boarding?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Finding a Home Away from Home for Pup (June 25, 2013)” compared results from three online services that match dogs with people willing to host them in their homes or yours.

If it is a choice between a dog sitter and not being “at a kennel because we knew he wouldn’t be in a cage surrounded by barking dogs and his host would text us if there was a problem,” then maybe that is a good option.

However, at Olde Towne Pet Resort, your dog will never be surrounded by barking dogs (because of our sound-proofing systems) or be in a cage (we provide all canine guests with pet boarding suites).

Important considerations for pet parents leaving Fido at home

A dog left alone, especially in a stranger’s house, experiences, stress, separation anxiety, and boredom, which can lead to some very destructive behavior. At Olde Towne Pet Resort, we provide ample play, interaction with other dogs, and lots of hands-on attention.

Will the pet sitter show up?

Or will he or she back out at the last minute? When the contributors to the WSJ article complained to the founder of the site that they never heard back from a number of “hosts” they contacted, they were told that “there are a number of challenges in building a vibrant marketplace.”

And what about potential medical emergencies?

Is the pet sitter trained to know when there is a medical emergency? And, does he or she know what to do about it?

At Olde Towne Pet Resort, your dog has a secure, comfortable “den” where you can monitor his activities from our PetCams, and you have the security of trained staff on hand 24×7 to monitor and take care of him. And in cases of storms or inclement weather, Olde Towne Pet Resort has a back-up source of power to ensure that heat and air conditioning will be there.

Want to learn more about pet boarding at Olde Towne Pet Resort?

Please contact us to learn more about the many features our pet resorts have in place for your dog’s total comfort and safety while in our care. Tours at our Springfield and Dulles locations are available and welcome without appointment.

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