Flattery Gets You *Everywhere* !! Thank You JC Hayward for Listing Our Dulles Pet Resort as One of Your Favorite Things!!

JC Hayward stands out as a gem in the shining crown of broadcast journalism in Washington, DC.

Local longtime and renowned television anchor JC Hayward has recently recognized our Dulles pet resort as one of her favorite things!

Woooot! Woooot!

Wow! If that’s not a plug (see below pic), then we’re not sure what is!

JC Hayward lists Olde Towne Pet Resort Dulles as one of her "favorite things"

While this JC Hayward-specific experience is fantastic, it is not uncommon for Olde Towne Pet Resort. Our wonderful pet care staff at both of our Dulles and Springfield resorts always go above and beyond as their daily norm for anyone who chooses to leave their pet in our devoted boarding or day camp care.

Still, it’s so nice to get noticed so positively and publicly like this, right? We are all, as you can very well imagine, we are extremely excited and proud to have our caring team members celebrated and recognized for creating unique, memorable experience for all of our pet guests.

Thank you JC!!!

Your friends at Olde Towne Pet Resort

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