Olde Towne Pet Resort’s Very Own “Aquatic Kitty”

Holly the 13-year old Aquatic Kitty is sporting her life jacket before taking her first dip into the indoor lap pool at the Olde Towne Pet Resort Dulles location

Meet Holly.

Holly is a 13 year old cat who boards regularly at the Olde Towne Pet Resort’s Dulles location.

When Holly is not too busy watching episode after episode of The Maury Pauvich Show

… she’s keeping up with her regular couch potato lifestyle which usually consists of lounging around all day long surrounded by the ocean of comfy blankets on her pet parent’s bed.

That is exactly why Holly’s human mom, Dani Lawhorne, brings her kitty to our pet resort for indoor swimming activity. “I have become very concerned that Holly simply isn’t interested in any kind of physical activity,” shares Dani, who has raised Holly since she was an itty bitty kitty long ago. “Holly’s an indoor kind of cat girl so the outdoors doesn’t interest her at all. She would much rather spend her days sprawled out on my bed watching the paternity test shows which often air on the Maury Pauvich show.”

Dani, who also works at our Dulles pet resort as a pet care professional assisting guest dogs while they partake in their water play activities, decided perhaps indoor swimming might be just the thing for dear old Holly. “I’ve been giving Holly baths for many years,” says Dani. “I guess I kind of thought since Holly doesn’t mind the water so much, perhaps she’d be OK to take a dip in our indoor lap pool.”

The goal? “I really feel Holly needs some type of physical activity. She can’t just sit around day after day without getting any exercise. My hope is she will enjoy the indoor pool experience enough and, if she does, then I’ll keep bringing her back at least a few times each month.”

And so the “Aquatic Kitty” was born!

Holly the cat prepares for an afternoon of wading in the waters of an indoor lap pool at the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Dulles, Virginia

Beautiful Holly can be seen taking dips inside our Dulles pet resort indoor pool where she waded and paddled for about 23 minutes before finally meowing her way out of any more water play.

This was Holly’s was first time officially swimming inside a pool! According to Dani, beautiful Holly was really tired when she got home. “Seeing her actually move was wonderful,” shares Dani. “She’s about 17 pounds. She’s got super tiny small paws and walks around like she’s wearing stilettos all day.”

Walking??? Hmm, isn’t that physical activity?? “Yeah, Holly walks when she’s not in empress mode,” laughs Dani.

Holly, we can’t wait for your continued aquatic adventures …

Stay tuned!

P.S. – Local pet parents of cats and kitties are welcome to bring their felines to our indoor swimming pool to see if they have just as much fun as Holly! And don’t forget: both our Springfield and Dulles pet resorts offer … yep, you guessed it: cat boarding! For cat boarding reservations, please call 703.455.9000 for Springfield and 571.434.3300 for Dulles.

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