It’s Fiesta Time! The Olde Town Pet Resort Gets Its Party On At This Year’s Reston Pet Fiesta!

Last weekend, we participated in the yearly pet festival known as the Reston Pet Fiesta held at beautiful Reston Town Center plaza.

Local pet loving crowds flock to the street of the Reston Pet Fiesta in Reston, Virginia

The weather was absolutely perfect for a localized pet fiesta! And the “Cinco de Mayo” flavors in the air surrounded our booth as the day progressed … most of the tempting aroma was coming from the Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant which was having its own south-of-the-border celebration just a few blocks away.

No matter, though. The party of the day truly was for the pets!

Reston Town Center's plaza streets were crawling, literally, with local pets and doggies from far and wide!

Lots of dogs and their pet parents took to the plaza streets as they stopped by to chat and have fun with the crowds and vendors.

Local pet loving parents took to the streets of this year's Reston Pet Fiesta in Northern Virginia

Olde Towne Pet Resort pet care staff set up camp near the Victoria's Secret store at Reston Town Center

Our very own pet care staff members, Amanda and Melissa, set up our Olde Towne Pet Resort booth right near the Victoria’s Secret store; this was a much more accessible location allowing our dog loving duo centralized access to the pet fiesta crowds.

Northern Virginia pet parents stop to ask about Olde Towne Pet Resort's dog boarding services at this year's Reston Pet Fiesta

Over the course of the day, many pet loving parents interested in Northern Virginia dog boarding options at our resort stopped by our booth to ask about our rates and other services.

Local pet owner asks about dog boarding services available at the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Dulles, Virginia

We also had countless of canine visitors and prospective dog boarding guests — like this adorable white, fluffy pooch who came for hugs, rubs and clearly much more …

[vimeo w=450&h=253]

– who could NOT help but treat themselves, pun intended, to our doggie treat bowl!

Needless to say it was a pet fiesta after all so many other types of pets were in tow during the event, including an organically-magenta-dyed ferret named “Smoking” (yes, “Smoking” … we promise, that is what the owner said his ferret’s name was!).

[vimeo w=450&h=253]

Ahem! Umm, well … as you can see … “Smoking” went the way of the white fluffy dog who attacked the dog treats earlier. Clearly, Smoking found our doggie treats to be pretty darn smokin’ hot!

And as for our beyond awesome, pet care dynamo duo? How did they fare on Reston Pet Fiesta day?? Well, let the ladies tell you themselves!

[vimeo w=450&h=253]
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