A Day in the Life of “The Boys” at Olde Towne Pet Resort

Ever wonder what canine guests at an upscale pet resort experience, do and enjoy on any given day? We thought it would be fun to share a full day of “doggone” fun by highlighting a day in the life of two adorable Goldendoodles in our area — Harley & Leo — affectionately known as “The Boys” by their doting pet parent and loving “mom,” Ms. Cathy Bennett.

Cathy, who in the past few months has taken to actively blogging about The Boys and their many zany adventures on her Groovy Goldendoodles Blog, was generous with her Doodles and allowed us to shadow Harley and Leo during their typical day at the Olde Towne Pet Resort’s (OTPR) Springfield, Virginia location.

The day for these two furry boys typically starts early. Mom gets them to hop into the back of the family car and off they go!

“To Olde Towne Pet Resort, please!” they must think out loud as mom chauffeurs her canine kids from Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge to Springfield several times a week.

Before long, The Boys find themselves at the doors of what has become their second home.

Harley and Leo are beloved guests at OTPR. The staff has become quite enamored with them and are happy to greet this dynamic doggie duo in person upon their arrival.

As The Boys leave their mom, there are no sad tears or anxiety. And that’s because these Doodles know exactly what awaits them after a short elevator ride: it’s Doggie Day Camp!

Yes, Harley and Leo are “cool as cats” as they ride up to OTPR’s second floor where the Doggie Day Camp crowd eagerly awaits the arrival of their Doodle buddies.

At last, it’s day camp time! Today, camp is full of all kinds of furry pals and cute canines who seek out The Boys for companionship, joint barking and oh yeah, some playtime too!

And hey humans … don’t let the name “Doggie Day Camp” fool you! It’s not just for fun and fetching.

Day camp dogs, The Boys included, are welcome to weave their way through all the wagging tails and panting poodles to plop down on the camp couch and enjoy some down time and relaxation.

Taking over the day camp couch from end to end is clearly an enjoyable highlight point for Leo!

Couch lounging aside, day camp also includes having fun outdoors!

And … in addition to outdoor playtime with other day camper pups … OTPR guests also get lots of human hugs from the pet care staff. Here, Leo is in full kiss-ready mode and awaits a major hug-fest from OTPR staffer Aaron.

Later in the day, The Boys are taken for a cool afternoon dip inside the OTPR indoor pool.

Ahhh but the indoor pool is not all about carefree splishing and splashing. The OTPR folks use water play as a way to incorporate healthy exercise into the day of their canine guests!

As the day winds down, The Boys are taken down to grooming.

These Doodles are so comfy with their grooming routine. Harley just *knows* he’s about to get all kinds of hooked up at the OTPR grooming salon!

Leo is first to get nice and wet! Bet you didn’t know a fluffy Doodle looked like this when their beautiful fur is being washed, did you??

Not long after their spectacular grooming experience, The Boys’ mom shows up to take her beloved babies back home.

Both boys of course claim their space smack dab in the back of mom’s car!

Within an hour’s time, The Boys finally arrive back at their digs. And as you can very well imagine, they are doggone tired and totally pooped out, pun intended!

Many kind, warm-hearted thanks again go to Cathy and her beyond-awesome double-Doodle-duo for inviting us into their day and sharing many fun photos in order to tell this story!

For more than nine years, Olde Towne Pet Resort has provided Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro area canines and felines premier boarding, day camp and grooming services. For more information, please visit www.OldeTownePetResort.com or contact 703.455.9000.

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