Holiday Hound Tips for Getting Your New Puppy Off on the Right Paw

Caption: Elizabeth Feliu hugs adorable an adorable puppy — a cutie pie Goldendoodle named GeorgieGirl, who is the latest canine addition to the Fried Sedwick family — at Olde Towne Pet Resort Dulles, Virginia.

If a new puppy topped your children’s holiday gift list, there’s another list you’ll want to get started on – a checklist for keeping your newest family member healthy and happy. Once you’ve carefully considered the pros and cons of bringing a new pet into your home and have decided to move forward, the “puppy welcoming” activity and preparation really begins.

If you and your family are planning for your Santa pup’s arrival, here are some immediate thoughts to consider as you prepare for his or her grand arrival!


  • Ask for recommendations from family and friends and set up the first appointment. A new pet should be seen by a veterinarian within a day or two of joining its new family.


  • Create a safe pet environment in your home. Put away any home furnishings or floor coverings that you want to protect from your newly-arrived, furry bundle of holiday joy.  Curious paws and teeth will surely cause some havoc around your home.
  • Creating a safe environment for your dog, such as a crated space with a bed and several chew toys, would be the most ideal setting for your holiday hound.


  • Before your new Santa pup comes home, it’s a good idea to buy essential items. needed such as a collar with an identifying tag (to be worn immediately), the same food the puppy has been eating to avoid digestion issues; food and water bowls and a leash for starters. It would be convenient to have purchased these items ahead of time prior to your pup’s initial debut.


  • If you have to travel, consider professional pet boarding services in your area. The holidays are all about traveling to visit family and friends. If you know ahead of your pup’s arrival that you’ll be traveling for New Year’s Eve, it may be a good time to look into quality pet boarding services in your community. “At Olde Towne Pet Resort, we board puppies as young as 8 weeks old,” says Brooke Price-Kaufman, Pet Care Manager at our Springfield, Virginia location. “The most important factor is making sure your puppy is fully up to date on his or her shots.”
  • Most quality pet boarding services book quickly so make reservations early whenever possible. Time willing, plan ahead and bring your new puppy in for a trial weekend stay so he or she can become acclimated and familiar with the boarding surroundings.

If you are one of the Northern Virginia families graced with a loving holiday pup this holiday season, we want to wish you and your new pup a joyful welcome and happy holidays from our family to yours!

For those local families needing premier pet boarding services for canines and felines of all ages, contact us at 1.888.475.3580 or visit our web site

Did you know Olde Towne Pet Resort is known for its live, high quality 24 x 7 pet cams?

Caption: Live video stream of local canines enjoying their Doggie Day Camp time at Olde Towne Pet Resort Dulles

As some of you may or may not know, both our Olde Town Pet Resort facilities in Dulles and Springfield come fully equipped with 24 x 7 live web cameras so pet parents can view their canine loved ones at any time of the day or night from any location with an internet connection.

Live, high quality pet cams can be accessed for our Dulles and Springfield, Northern Virginia locations from the following URL:

Recently, we learned our pet boarding resort is listed on — an online directory listing web sites throughout the globe containing live video streaming capability allowing users to “see the world without leaving home” — as one of one of select locations in the world where high quality, live animal webcam streams are available.

In fact, we are the only such live animal streaming web cam listing in the state of Virginia! The site’s “Animal Cams” can be found listed under the live cam links categorized as “Fun, Places & Special Interest Webcams.”

Very cool!

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