OTPR Employee Appreciation Event

The Olde Towne Pet Resort held our Quarterly Employee Appreciation event today to honor our employees.  It is all about them and the magic that they do every day to ensure our pets have  wonderful experiences while they are with us.  We honored Davide Paolantonio as our Employee of the quarter. Davide received many accolades from his co-workers who made an excellent choice in honoring Davide’s consistent and positive work attitude.   Further, we recognize our 100% Club of employees who have not called off since January 1 or since they began their employment this year.  Town Hall message was delivered by General Manager, Dixie Eng and attending the event was Leah Fried Sedwick, owner.  The team feasted together with pizza, pasta, wings and an abundance of desserts.  A friendly game of Jeopardy, challenging pet care knowledge was used to engage staff in a team building exercise.  We are looking forward to our next quarterly event as an opportunity to celebrate our employees’ successes.

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