Day 21: Our Exclusive, Pre-Opening Media Tour Is Tomorrow!

Back on Day 82, we shared some info with you about our upcoming, exclusive Pre-Opening Media Tour. Officially as of tomorrow, Friday, September 9, 2011 from 2-4pm, our media tour will take place at our Dulles location. Thrilling? Well, to say the very least … ** YES! **  Not just because having media participate will be fun and exciting … but more because after the media tour, we will be exactly 3 weeks away from our Dulles Grand Opening!

The past two weeks have seen a frenzy of high activity at Dulles. Furniture is being moved and placed. Wall hangings and signage are being added all throughout the pet resort. And even the reception/lobby area is starting to come alive. Literally, months and months (our management will even say years) of careful planning and meticulous detail are coming together at Dulles.

Getting back to the media tour, however, our goal has always been to share our excitement and news of our Dulles pet resort opening with the local community.

We are looking forward to meeting with community staff writers, correspondents, bloggers, editors, broadcasters and reporters in search of a fun and timely pet-themed story angle unfolding in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro area.

If you are a Loudoun, Fairfax, Northern Virginia and/or Washington DC metro member of the media interested in pet industry angles, we hope to see you there!

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