Day 36: Doggie Day Camp, anyone?

Olde Towne Pet Resort's Doggie Day Camp services are perfect for working professionals

Well just look at this stunning Doggie Day Camp room at Dulles!

Notice the innovative use of a garage door to create unique spaces tailored for Doggie Day Camp. As senior executive, Steve Jones, explains of this newly constructed day camp area available at our Dulles pet resort location, the garage doors serve as dividers allowing the staff to create three, two or one unique space(s) exclusively for day camp usage.

Another detail to notice are the “frosted” glass panes on the bottom two rows of the garage doors. This purposeful coverage was implemented to prevent day camp dogs from becoming overly excited at the sight of other dogs in the adjacent day camp room.

Ingenious, isn’t it?

As Jones recollects, day camp services actually began “by accident.” He explains how back in the day, when folks used to come to the Springfield pet resort location, they would ask if their dogs could play with other dogs without having to board or stay overnight. Over time, Jones shared, the high demand for “only playtime during daytime” became our official service: Doggie Day Camp.

Need day camp services for your dog or cat in the Loudoun area? Did you know you can already begin to make Doggie Day Camp reservations at our Dulles location? For all inquiries pertaining to day camp reservations, please call 703.455.9000.

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