Day 119: Dulles pet resort construction progress continues on schedule

Olde Towne Pet Resort staff admire the latest developments of their new pet resort building in Dulles, Virginia (Loudoun County)

Our team spent about an hour today checking out the latest developments of our new Dulles, Virginia location. Needless to say each of us was super excited about how far along the construction of our pet resort building has come in what seems to be a short amount of time.

This is the entrance area of our new pet resort  in Sterling, Virginia. Our signage will be seen soon enough from Route 28!

One of the things we were all in awe about was the brick front!! The goal of the design was to create a timeless, classic design and from the looks of it, the brick seems to add just the right touch to the pet resort’s exterior. In the coming weeks there will soon be a more complete entrance with beautiful landscaping and ample parking.

Our pet resort staff members learned all about our new facility and its many amenities from our COO, Steve Jones. This shot was taken near the club-style pet boarding kennels with windows.

Our pet resort’s Executive VP and COO Steve Jones led our tour of the facility today. Here you see our staff members listening intently to Steve as he explained how the pet boarding suite area will be completed. The dog boarding area this photo was taken from houses various with-window suites. The walls of all of our boarding units will be fully soundproof — a very nice detail indeed!

As we ended the tour, needless to say each of us were super stoked about the building and its progress. From the sounds of it, we are right on time for an October 1, 2011 opening!

If you are considering pet boarding services with our Dulles, Virginia location for this year’s busy holiday season, you can already begin to make reservations! For all inquiries pertaining to boarding reservations, please call 703.455.9000.

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